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By John A. Wyatt, DDS
May 20, 2016
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What you need to know about dental implants from your Wheat Ridge, Colorado dentist

You’re thinking about dental implants because you want something stable and natural-looking to replace the teeth you’ve lost. You don’t want to settle for bridges, partials or dentures. But you’re wondering if you are a good candidate for dental implants. The truth is if you Dental Implantsare missing a single tooth, or multiple teeth, dental implants are the solution you’ve been waiting for. Dr. John Wyatt in Wheat Ridge, Colorado wants to help you find out if you are a good candidate for dental implants.

A main indicator to determine if dental implants will work for you is if you are in good health. Dr. Wyatt wants you to know there are certain medical problems and lifestyle issues which can affect the health of your implant. The best candidates are people who don’t:

  • Smoke or drink alcohol to excess
  • Have periodontal disease or a history of the disease
  • Have diabetes not controlled by medication
  • Have cancer or a history of radiation to your jaws

Dr. Wyatt will cap the implant with a beautiful new crown. It will restore the natural look of your smile. If you need a replacement for a crown on your dental implant, visit Dr. Wyatt.

Chances are good you are an excellent candidate for dental implants, but you will never know until you see Dr. Wyatt. You deserve to have a great smile, so why not find out if you are a candidate for dental implants. Dental implants are the high-tech, state-of-the-art method of tooth replacement. Call Dr. John Wyatt in Wheat Ridge, Colorado today and find out how dental implants can save your smile!